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Loneliness of CEOs

Why is a pervading sense of loneliness and isolation the price of success for many executives?  Both international and national studies show that many CEOs experience feelings of isolation and loneliness; both impede performance and productivity. 

Our experience suggests that CEOs invariably talk about the stress of having no-one to share their fears, anxieties, complex choices and challenges. 

Where a Board exists with SME companies they can offer some external confidential advice, mentoring and pragmatic support; however Boards are equally likely to be a further distraction rather than real emotional support. 

Further, it is only in rare circumstances that a CEO can share with sub-ordinates given the power- distance separation within the norm of Australian management approaches whereas elsewhere in the world this normative pattern is often different. 

It has been found that loneliness not only impedes performance and productivity but also adds to the propensity for sleeplessness, high blood pressure and poor libido; all contributing to reduce capability for clear thinking and entrepreneurial decision making. 

 Roundtables operated as peer or team coaching where issues in common are discussed and hidden secrets shared and challenged have proven an effective respite for many CEOs. 

When complimented by professional coaching as a confidant there can be marked changes in the stress level of the CEO or senior decision makers of companies. 

Executive Accelerators offer both peer to peer based Roundtables and coaching whilst encouraging collaboration between companies. So why stay lonely and isolated share the brain challenges of our Roundtables.

By Frank Wyatt